Wednesday, December 13, 2006

The lists McSweeneys rejects (vol 2)

The second in a multi-part series. Rejected by McSweeneys lists thingie.

Some recent advertising campaigns to promote the smoking of cigarettes that you may not have noticed.

  • The Federal Government wants to take away your guns and your cigarettes – don’t let them pry them from your warm flavor-filled fingers !

  • Cigarettes: edgy but legal!

  • Extreme sports for the lungs! Radical!

  • Smoking: still no absolute scientific consensus after all these years.

  • Only the coolest people know this right now, but cigarettes are back!

  • Smoke cigarettes: no reason, just because!


ThirdCat said...

I see your rejection and raise it several-fold...I have submitted three letters/emails to the bold and beautiful feedback page and not one of them has been posted on the site. Not one. Surely I'm as lucid as anyone else there.

MadameBoffin said...

Point No.3 = something John Howard came up with personally and, because he's so thrifty, he used the same excuse for global warming too ;P