Friday, August 10, 2007

Stand-down comedy

As I mentioned when last we spoke, I did stand-up comedy at the Front Cafe and Gallery in Lyneham last wednesday (every 2nd Wednesday of the month!). Unlike last time. when the room was packed, we had just eleven people. I blame the Gregorian calendar.

Still, did my thing. Didn't go quite as well as last time. Never more than eleven laughs simultaneously. Haw haw. But even so, not quite as well as last time. Tried to do it without cards or prompts. Got stuck twice...

But here's the news: the dude who books this stuff is now organising 4 venues every month. The Front every 2nd wednesday. Next week (3rd Wednesday!): the Venue in Erindale/Waniassa and then the Green Room at the University of Canberra (1st Wednesday?) and also the Soul Bar in Woden (unidentified Wednesday).

Astonishingly the gig in Erindale is paid. $50 for ten minutes work. I'v gone from being a newbie to one of the comedy gang in about 2 gigs...

Anyway, come along one night and say hello.

Also, laugh.


Aurelius said...

When I was managing bands, I often thought a comedian in between sets would be a good way to break the evening up.
Another potential opportunity?

Jo said...

I'm sending me auntie.

So be careful if you do any maths jokes.

meva said...

Are you only funny on Wednesdays? 'Cos that's kinda odd, in a funny sort of way.

The Man at the Pub said...

Sounds like Canberra just got even funnier. And well done, that's $300 per hour.

Also, I did a flash animation pisstake of Howard's YouTube video recently. It's slightly crapola, but you could post it on Snarkeology, if you needed some low-brow fluff to fill a hole with.


Anonymous said...

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