Thursday, August 16, 2007

It's all in the deliverance

(When this blog began, it was a miracle of modern snarkness and nothing but... But today with all the funny stuff taking place over at Snarkeology (er, sometimes), whale sushi has become slightly more of a traditional blog -- you know, where I moan about stuff and you empathise.)

I did stand-up again last night at The Venue in Erindale which is down Wanniassa way (way way down in the deep south, like Western Sydney only colder, more spacious and fringed with some lovely hills).

Six comics plus 'The King of Comedy' as MC. We each got $50 for ten minutes work (which was only three hours from turning up to actually gettting paid, not including preparation time). The crowd began small but wound up an OK size, perhaps 20 not including comedians.

The Venue as a venue was pretty good if you could screen out the mullets and flannies wandering through on their way to the knock-out pool comp. The Venue is apparently keen to keep it going and is even talking about sponsorship from Coopers, god love em...

My set (a combination of a couple of previous sets) went pretty well frankly. Got lots of plaudits from fellow comics and several audience members. It was funny watching some of the others -- one went absolutely brilliantly and had the room in the palm of hand while a couple had poor showings, letting themselves down with indifferent delivery. Casualness, faux-sloppiness can be funny but if taken too far it just looks like a failure to prepare...

Wrote a short bit for the night about the remoteness of Wanniassa (seriously its a 25 minute frickin drive down there -- I know that sounds short by Sydney standards but its a long way on nearly empty 110km/h roads) which went well. Was afraid I might get tarred and feathered but not the case.

Next gig is Wedneday, 5 September at the Greenroom at the University of Canberra. Apparently they're selling tickets to it....!

You can also see the other comedians (but not me) at the Soul Bar in Woden from about 7 next Wednesday.


killerrabbit said...

Sounds great Nick, pleased it is all going well. Have you had any good heckles?

Jo said...

Nice. Well done. Keep up the good work. Etcetera.

That's also the least funny thing about being funny I've ever read.

nick cetacean said...

KR: no heckles really. When I did a routine at work once (don't ask) one guy jumped in with the punchline.

I made him pay.

Jo: yes, fair cop. I almost made the same comment myself...

redcap said...

If all else fails, use Glyn Nicholas's method of dealing with hecklers. A fella was giving him grief all through a show one night and he must just have had enough of it because he poured the guy's pint in his lap.

TimT said...

you know, where I moan about stuff and you empathise.

Do I empathise or sympathise? Sounds like too much effort. Is it all right if I just otherwise?

Okay, okay - I've used that joke too many times already.

Kay aka Kirsten said...

Hey Nick, next time you're going to the trouble of driving all the way down here to the cold and distant South, let me know and I'll try to make it to the show!

Dean said...

About time Canberra got some more stand-up. I just wish it was easier to find. These gigs should be in BMA, listed on upcoming.org, on facebook, everywhere bwahahaha

Seriously though, more laughing time is good.

Zoe said...

Oh, no, I think we have way too much laughing time as it is.

meva said...

Glyn Nicholas! I love Glyn Nicholas.

(I love you, too, Mr Cetacean.)

Spike said...

Read you were thinking about doing it, came back a month later and here you are practically famous. Go on yer.

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redcap said...

Erm, Mr Cetacean, have you abandoned your blog to Les Spammers? Never a good thing, I must say...

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