Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Liberte! Fraternite! Won't Put it Away!

My son the four year old has snuggled up to his latest linguistic trope. Bellowing 'no!' is no longer enough in the negativity, denial and refusal stakes. It's simply too weak-kneed and smacks of appeasement.

'Never' is the mot du jour.

As in:

'Will you please put your shoes on?'


'Can you please play outside with that?'

'Never, never, never!'

He puts me in mind of a pint-sized 18th Century revolutionary. Such righteous panache! Give me liberty or give me another chocolate-sprinkled babycino! Or both!

It's cute.

And it beats him calling me a 'stupid f---.'

Where the fuck did he learn that?


TimT said...

Fucked if I know!

Mark Lawrence said...

That sounds so familiar. But your kid's 'never' beats my son saying he's going to 'kill' me. This morning he asked his mum when I was going to die. You may guess that we were having one of those mornings.

Mick said...

Fuck. That is so cute.
My 3 year old just copies my 5 year old. I really hate to think what those 2 boys will teach each other over the years...

redcap said...

Goodness, only four and so extremely sure of the world. Now's the time to get him pinned down on a few things, such as "Will you vote Liberal when you grow up?" Record it, retain it, replay it.