Tuesday, November 21, 2006

The lists McSweeneys rejects (vol 1)

The first in a no doubt multi-part series. Rejected by McSweeneys lists thingie.

Beyond the Boulevard of Broken Dreams: other lesser known thoroughfares that don’t lead where you’d hoped

The crescent of unreturned phone-calls
The avenue of three-minute sex
The alley-way of unexpectedly cold mornings in late Spring/early Summer
The eighteen lane expressway of disappointing full-time employment
The bridge of sighs


elsewhere said...

you were *not* doing anything in 1962!

nick cetacean said...

I've pondered and I've done a quick wikipedia search but...I'm buggered if I understand that...

Anonymous said...

the longer than expected laneway of toilet training?

redcap said...

Heh! You're funny, mate. Thanks for the link - I've reciprocated, with pleasure :)

jessie mo said...

lovely. yes, that 18 lane highway.